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Big Science Business Forum 2018

19. 12. 2017
Big Science Business Forum 2018

Konference „Big Science Business Forum 2018“ je příležitostí pro firmy nebo instituce, které se zajímají o spolupráci s velkými evropskými výzkumnými infrastrukturami jako je ESO, CERN, ESA, ESRF, ESS, European XFEL, F4E a ILL. Akce se uskuteční 26. – 28. února 2018 v dánské Kodani.

Big Science Business Forum 2018 will be the first one-stop-shop for European companies and other stakeholders to learn about Europe’s Big Science organisations’ future investments and procurements worth billions of euros. The forum will offer your business the chance to:

  • Learn about business opportunities in the coming years, within a wide range of business areas.
  • Meet representatives from Europe’s Big Science organisations and their key suppliers.
  • Network and establish long lasting partnerships via business-to-business meetings (B2B), business-to-customer meetings (B2C) and in the open exhibition area.
  • Get insight into procurement rules, IPR, technology transfer and how businesses can interplay with the Big Science market.

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