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Stáž v týmu Nano4Tarmed

27. 10. 2021
Stáž v týmu Nano4Tarmed

Nano4Tarmed, prestigious EU´s Horizon 2020 Twinning project, is looking for 5 PhD. “superstudents” to join its research team at RCPTM!

Are you interested in

  • nanoscience and anticancer drug development?
  • increasing your scientific niveau and publishing together with well-established research partners from the EU?
  • becoming networked on the European level?
  • learning how to be involved in future scientific projects from the beginning of your career?

Keep on reading!

Who are we?

Nano4Tarmed brings together research teams of experts in their fields from Czechia (Palacký University), Ireland (Maynooth University) and Italy (the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics) to pursue a mutual mission: A development of an active-drug-delivery nanocarriers targeting directly cancer tissue.

Why to join us?

For many reasons!

By becoming a part of N4T superstudent team, you will gain

  • Long-term expert supervision from one of the foreign partners
  • 1-3-month long internship/training at partners´ institution in Ireland or Italy
  • Two-week long training at laboratories in Ireland
  • Two-week long training at laboratories in Italy
  • Two-week long training at laboratories of external partners
  • Grant proposal preparation training
  • Technology transfer and business skill training

The selection procedure will take place in December 2021. So, get ready and stay tuned for more info on the Project website!

For more information about submission criteria and the Nano4Tarmed project, go here: www.nano4tarmed.com/events


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