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Seminář: Resilience & Leadership in Academia

13. 9. 2023
Seminář: Resilience & Leadership in Academia

We are delighted to extend our formal invitation to you for an upcoming hybrid symposium, focusing on the critical themes of Resilience & Leadership. This event will take place on September 22, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and will be hosted at the Academic Conference Centre, Husova 4a, Prague, with the option to participate online via Zoom.

The primary objective of this symposium is to convene an assembly of subject matter experts from the realms of academia and higher education. We intend to engage in a nuanced exploration of academic leadership and management, with a specific focus on identifying best practices that empower us to navigate through crises and meet the demands of the modern academic landscape. Furthermore, we aim to dissect the sector-specific challenges that hinder the promotion of these best practices. How can we harness the collective knowledge and experiences of esteemed researchers, human resources specialists, and academic leaders to effect positive change?

Our esteemed panel of speakers includes:

Gergely Kováts from Corvinus University Budapest, experienced academic specializing in higher education governance and management

Barbora Wahlová from the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University, a distinguished HR expert involved in the implementation of HR Strategy for Researchers (HR Award) at the faculty and HRS4R expert–assessor at European Commission

Bohuslav Rezek from Czech Technical University in Prague, an accomplished academic leader actively engaged in the Czech system of research assessment

Daniela Pauknerová from Prague University of Economics and Business, a senior academic with a focus on leadership and management across sectors, and an acknowledged authority on equality issues in academia

The discussion will be moderated by Kateřina Machovcová from the Institute of Psychology CAS

We extend a warm invitation for your presence at this event, either in person or via the online platform. Kindly refer to the registration link.

For any inquiries or further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

Resilience 22  9 2023


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